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We recommend KNX for home automation

This is the best because:

  • It’s an open system with more than 200 manufacturers. So, upgrades and spares will always be available.
  • There is no central computer controlling everything – nothing to crash and stop working. So, it’s super-reliable.

Technical Description

Ultra High Reliability

We use a building automation system called KNX. KNX is a thoroughly engineered international standard for lighting control and building automation. Leaders in the industry, including Philips, Seimens and ABB have endorsed it. The KNX Association grants the KNX quality label to its members. But only after they have passed quality audits and thorough product testing. You can be sure of ultra high reliability from any KNX installation.


KNX is the number 1 global building automation system. Its use has accelerated throughout the world, as more and more people become aware of this impressive technology. It has been in use for more than 20 years and there are hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial installations. Its use in Heathrow Terminal 5 and Wembley Stadium is testimony to its reliability. It is technically suitable and economical for both commercial and residential buildings.

Technical Description

KNX is a decentralised building automation system. Decentralised control means that each component attached to an KNX system has its own independent microprocessor with its own program. There is no need for a central control computer. In the unlikely event that a component fails, all of the other components in a system will continue to operate normally. It is impossible for the system to crash, and no re-booting is ever required. Programs are stored in EEPROM*. So on restoration of power after a power cut, everything continues to work perfectly, with no re-programming or resetting required. Components communicate with each other by sending each other messages over a single twisted pair of signal wires, called a bus. In a normal simple system, just one bus is required for a whole building. So wiring is very simple compared to a conventional wiring circuit. KNX has been designed for robustness and reliability. So it can be used with confidence in all building applications. The bus cable can happily be routed adjacent to the mains. It can be branched anywhere and anyhow, without any degradation of reliability. A tribute to the robustness of KNX is that it was chosen for six of the Jubilee Line Extension Tube stations. These environments represent some of the harshest imaginable for an electrical installation.

Sancturi and KNX

All of our designers are fully KNX Association* trained and certified to design and commission installations of any size and complexity.

* EEPROM – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

Ecological Benefits

Building Automation saves energy, so its good for the environment and it saves on energy costs.

An “all-off” switch near the building entrance can switch all lights off, all over the building, with just one touch. So no lights remain accidentally on.

Lights in any room can be switched off automatically when the room becomes vacated.
The precise amount of illumination can be provided for any situation, so energy wastage is reduced and comfort is increased.

Each room can have its own heating or cooling temperature and timer control. So unnecessary heating or cooling is reduced.

If energy saving is a major requirement of an installation, greater sophistication can be added to the design:
  • Light sensors can detect daylight levels and automatically dim internal lights to reduce unnecessary artificial illumination.
  • Windows or skylights can be automatically opened or closed depending on the internal and external temperatures, to reduce heating/cooling energy consumption.
  • Blinds can be automatically lowered or raised according to sunlight strength, to reduce heating/cooling energy consumption.

Our Building Automation designs can incorporate many more, clever, energy-saving techniques.

With careful and experienced design, and combined with an effective insulation and ventilation strategy, an energy-efficient Building Automation system can substantially reduce energy consumption.

An energy-efficient building is an intelligent and sound economic investment. It adds lasting value to a building and saves on running costs.

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