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Chartered professional engineering solutions to help you make your dream home a reality

If you’re looking for the best smart home automation solution on the market, you’re right to be searching for KNX

KNX is the internationally recognised standard for smart home automation and building control.

Used for the fully automated control of some of Britain’s most luxurious homes, and largest organisations. From Heathrow’s Terminal 5 to Wembley Stadium.

Famous worldwide for its build quality, flexibility and ease of use, KNX allows you to seamlessly integrate an infinite number of products and devices into your home setup, all controlled by a single app.

Environmentally Friendly

Automated buildings are more environmentally friendly. Reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. 

Flexible & Future Proof

As an open, flexible system you’re able to add as many devices as you need. With the flexibility to handle future technology with ease. 

Ease of Control

Fully automated control over every element in your home. From your blinds to your lights, to your home entertainment system. 

How Sancturi Can Help You

Sancturi provide Chartered Professional Engineering solutions for dream-home owners looking for an experienced and qualified partner to assist with complex automated designs and installations.

Led by Martin Dean who has over sixteen years’ experience designing smart technology solutions. Working with interior designers, architects, builders, electricians and developers to deliver design-aware technology solutions for our clients.

No Matter The Size Or Budget

Our services include:

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  • Installation
  • Updates
  • Maintenance

"A KNX system was recommended by my architect and she also recommended Martin to design and install the system.

The result is amazing and I would never think of making another home without fitting KNX by Martin."

Anna Nicolaou

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