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Chartered professional engineering solutions to give you ease of use and reliability


Martin Dean, Sancturi Director, is a professional Chartered design engineer with sixteen years’ experience designing smart technology solutions for homes. He has developed two houses of his own both fully fitted with smart home technology, so he knows from experience exactly what you are about to do and can fully understand all of your requirements.

Martin has a background in electronics hardware and software design in the electronics and computing industries and financial services in the UK, the Netherlands and Japan.

Martin oversees all technical aspects of your project to ensure professional level technical competence.

Professional Engineering

  • Ease of use
  • Reliability
  • Best Technology
  • Value
  • Delivered on time

Our Solutions

Home Automation

Integrated systems for your home to control lights, temperature, blinds, curtains.


Single room audio or integrated multi-room audio. Single room TV or multi-room video streaming.

Home Cinema

From simple TV based with surround sound in a living room to high end professional level dedicated cinema rooms with ultra high definition projector, wide screen and high-end surround sound (or anything in between).

Security and Door Entry

Networked CCTV (security camera) systems with image storage, remote access and analytics. Advanced integrated entry systems with remote monitoring and control. Please call us to discuss your requirements in detail.

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