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Live life to the full with the best home entertainment

Now is the perfect time for high quality home entertainment

We are all spending more time at home.

Now is the perfect time to justifiably invest in high quality home entertainment.

So you can live life more to the full when relaxing at home.

A Linn music system will hugely enhance your pleasure when listening to music.

But it also integrates with your TV.

To give you a heightened, more involving viewing experience. Dialogue becomes crystal clear, life-like, and always understandable. Music becomes like its live in your room. Powerful, full-ranging and distortion free.

The improvements are especially profound when watching films or TV drama.

So, what is a Linn music system and how does it work?

It is a high definition (HD) music player, able to play full HD studio quality recordings for super high music quality.

It connects to the internet and links to HD music streaming services such as Qobus or Tidal. These are like Spotify but full Hi-Fi quality. So you can have all of your favourite music, easily selectable from your Linn app.

It connects to your TV, Sky or Freeview box, Apple or Amazon TV, PlayStation, Blu-ray Player or any other TV source. So, whatever you watch, all the sound is played through the Linn system to give you the heightened, more involving viewing experience.

Its all controlled from a simple App, on your iPhone, Android phone or any other smart phone or tablet.

Why is a Linn music system better?

First and foremost, as Linn say themselves, they "want to bring you closer to the music you love, to feel every note, to experience your music with a clarity and power unlike anything you’ve ever heard."

The Linn philosophy is simple: they "don’t make anything unless it’s better than what’s available elsewhere".  Click for more detailed and technical information.

Also, in a world of planned obsolescence, Linn do the opposite. The hardware is modular and the software upgradeable. That means the best sound possible not just today, but for the lifetime of the product.

Linn systems hold their value. They are an investment.

Every single system is built by hand in Linn's Glasgow factory and bears the name of the person who made it. It’s built with precision and pride, designed for the future and engineered to extraordinarily tight tolerances.

You can add more systems to create a multi-room system: play the same or different music in each room.

It has a very easy to use App.

It can play High Definition music.

It is the intelligent, well thought through choice.

The Intelligent Choice

We have tried so many different home cinema audio solutions, mid and high-end surround sound, sound bars and high quality stereo. Unless you are a big fan of action movies and specifically want surround sound effects, if you have a limited budget, we firmly believe money is better spent on a high-quality stereo music system. Then there is no compromise on sound quality. The focus is all on high quality reproduction.

Better Than Surround Sound For The Money

With surround sound, the centre speaker is usually not needed in a home living room. The centre sound channel was designed for cinemas where the very wide audience area requires a centre sound source. Also, the rear or side speakers are not often active for most films and are usually for effects only.

A surround sound system usually has 5 - 10 speakers and power amplifiers instead of just two required for a stereo music system. And a surround sound system has more electronics to deal with the surround sound processing. To get the same quality as a good stereo music system you need to spend more.

Surround can have a place in a home cinema system. If you specifically want surround effects  then it could be a good purchase. Especially for action movies.

But for serious film or drama, or TV viewing, the best solution for the money is a high-quality stereo music player. Your money is not diluted by having a large portion of it spent on surround sound components. It is all focused on exceptionally high-quality sound reproduction. So dialogue and music are better, and these are important for most serious film, drama or TV.

Plus, of course, there are less visible boxes and wires in the room.

Our Linn music systems offer a deeper quality of experience. Which is ultimately more rewarding in the long term. Plus they have the huge added benefit of being so much better for music for the same price.

Better Than A Sound Bar

There are some very cleverly designed sound bars on the market, but none of them offer true high quality sound reproduction. They offer various high-tech tricks to simulate surround sound, but all fail in their ability to give a proper deep high-quality experience.  Their experience is gimmicky and superficial, and the novelty soon fades. The sound quality of a Linn music system is in a completely different league. That is why we always recommend a Linn music system over any sound bar.

High-End Surround Sound

It is possible to achieve exceptional quality with a surround system. Indeed, Linn do produce such a system and if you have the budget and are keen on a very high quality surround system that is comparable with the best stereo music systems then we definitely recommend Linn as the way to go. We can advise you. We are able to supply and install such a system. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Beautiful harmonising designs and finishes

Many different sizes and finishes are available.

Including bespoke finishes.

Choose a design that suits you and your décor.

Some speakers are available with fabric finishes.

Fabric finishes can be simple in any colour, or works of art, to harmonise with your interior.

It is important that a Linn music player system is properly set up and installed

Sancturi can offer the best installation service for you for Linn music systems because:

  • We are approved "Linn Whole Home Professionals" for any type of Linn installation including large and complex multi-room audio systems and home cinema installations.
  • We are fully trained to install Linn systems by Linn at their factory in Scotland.
  • Martin Dean, the Sancturi director, is a Chartered electronics and software design engineer. He will personally set up your system to give you the highest possible quality installation.
  • A Linn system requires a properly functioning network and internet service and with our software design and IT background we are perfectly qualified and experienced to ensure you get properly set up.

Less than 50p / day

There is no built-in obsolescence with a Linn music playing system.

It holds its value. And is built to last.

You can expect a Linn music playing system to last at least 20 years.

So the compact system price of £3,485, spread over 20 years, works out at only 48p per day.

Start living life to the full now

Now is the perfect time to justifiably invest in high quality home entertainment.

The Linn Majik music systems are the perfect choice to transform your home entertainment. Whether you prefer the very compact 109 system or the floor standing 140 system, either will help you live life to the full.

If you are interested in the higher-end systems we are authorised "Linn Whole Home Professionals", highly qualified to ensure you get the best advise and installation service possible.

For more information or to buy a Linn system Contact Us or call now on 020 8883 2000.

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