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Enrich Your Life

As you can see from the video, Linn Audio is about more than just speakers. It’s about enriching your life through music. It’s about recreating those spine-tingling moments usually reserved for live music or events from the comfort of your own home. 

Which is where Sancturi can help. We’re authorised "Linn Whole Home Professionals", which means we’ve been trained by the Linn team directly to expertly help individuals like yourself to pick, deliver and install any system of any complexity. 

The British designers behind Linn aim to bring you closer to the music, so whether it’s speakers or complete Hi-Fi setups, why not book a free 15-min consultation call with us to see if we can help you get that step closer to the music you love?


Linn Audio speakers come in various designer collections, with beautiful finishes, textiles and colours made to match your interior and complement the look of any space.


Linn is technology without any compromise in sound quality or longevity. Built with an upgradable modular format, Linn technology is an investment that will last a lifetime.


Stream audio as you usually would with the likes of Spotify or complete HD Hi-Fi platforms like Qobus or Tidal, fully controlled from a simple app on your phone or tablet.

Sancturi and Linn Audio

Picking the right audio solution that will not only complement your decor but give you the very best sound output possible isn’t as simple as walking into Curry’s and picking up a set of speakers. 

Linn Audio systems are custom designed around you, your home and your requirements, which is where our team of professionals can provide input and advice. 

Led by Martin Dean, who has over sixteen years’ experience designing smart technology solutions. Working with interior designers, architects, builders, electricians and developers to deliver design-aware technology solutions for our clients.

Linn Audio Expertise

Our services include:

  • Advice
  • Installation
  • Updates
  • Maintenance

"Sancturi supplied and installed a Linn entertainment system for us. It has not only given us incredible pleasure listening to music but has heightened our TV watching experience by adding an extra audio dimension. We are thrilled with our system and it literally gives us hours of pleasure every week"

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